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Huge bass11.75lb bassSent by: Roger Perra & Bob Fisher
Comments: (2016-04-14)

Eddie, Bob and I want to thank you again for the fantastic charter on the St. Johns River on 4/12/16. As you know Bob and I charter once a year when he visits Florida and we have favored the Everglades and South Florida off shore trips but there is no comparison to the trip we took with you. 15 large size bass including one 8 lbs. and one 11.75 lbs. in two hours....all we can say is wow. The pictures have been sent all over the country.

Roger Perra
Bob Fisher

Sent by: Jim Hartung
Jim HartungApprovalApprovalApprovalApprovalApproval
Comments: (2016-02-14)

Eddie, Thanks for a wonderfull two days of fishing and fellowship. Your demeanor and patients are in a class by its self. I have waited for 50 years to catch that 11 lb Bass. Thanks for making it happen. You have made three new friends.

Kind regards,
Jim Hartung




Brad MyersCustomerSent by: Brad Myers
Comments: (2015-02-14)

Good morning from Kentucky. I'm Brad Myers of Lexington and I'm the small business owner of Backwater Outfitters. In the last couple of years, I've had the utmost pleasure of meeting Capt. Ed on The St Johns River. Threw my many years of fishing I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest guides and been on some trips to the most beautiful angling areas in all of the United States. However, every year I only look forward to one trip year after year.

I met Captain Ed threw a mutual friend that has used his services an superior expertise for many years to catch multiple trophy bass. This year Captain Ed proved to us again that he was the guide for anyone wanting the opportunity to catch the big ones. In January 2015, Captain Ed contacted my friend Mark on a Saturday night an told us that he had an unexpected opening on a Sunday morning. Since he is extremely booked an busy in January, we leaped at the chance to have a day in the water with him.

CustomerAs usual, he was already at the ramp well before we got there the next morning with a sarcastic grin on his face, knowing that it was going to be the day for a big one. As I sat down in his emasculate Skeeter I ask him if he can put us on a big one today. "That's all I want. One over 10!" He looked over again with a sarcastic grin an said if you girls can sit still long enough I'll make it happen. (Captain Eds a jokester so be ready to laugh) So away we went to his big fish hole. We arrived a few minutes later and after taking off our blindfolds, he told us where to cast an it was underway. Shortly thereafter a giant boil came from under the hyacinth mat an the fight was on. For several minutes I fought what I thought was a massive catfish, but then to my surprise a giant largemouth appeared to spit my hook back at me. Captain Eddie just looked up at me again an smiled. "Ha haha huh. That was a biggen bud!" He said. To my dismay, I lost the biggest fish of my life. But he made a memory that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. Captain Ed put me on the fish that I ask him to an even though I didn't catch that one, we still caught a ton of other giants that day. We laughed, we learned, an we had an experience that no one can put a price tag on.

If your looking for a guide with experience, a clean boat, and a lot of laughs, you owe it to yourself to call this guy.  

Thanks Eddie for the 2015 season. 

Gill FamilySent by: Mike Gill
Comments: (2013-03-28)

Hey Ed, I fished with you last sunday morning with my son mike and wife trish. By far the best guide experience I have ever had. The memories you gave my son for the rest of his life are undescribable. I will forever be thankful to you for your professionalism and most all of amicable, friendly demeanor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless.. Mike Gill


Clay WilliamsClay WilliamsSent by: Clay Williams
Comments: (2013-02-26)

Hi Eddie,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the two days of out of this world bass fishing on the the St. John's River. Thursday 2/21 was the best 8 hours I've ever spent on the water. I finally broke the 10 lb. mark, with an 11 lb. bass. I'll have a replica mount made of her. I set the hook so many times Thursday, and  fought and landed so many big fish, (I lost count at 30) I was sore all over my upper arms and shoulders. That cost some Friday as you know, as I lost snap in my hookset. I still managed about 15, with 2 more trophy largemouth. What a trip! I have had so many great trips with you over the years, in 2002 with my daughter and her 2 trophy fish, the Toho drawdown, and the cold rainy day on the river in Feb. 2010, but this one was the best one date. Thanks again my partner, I'll see again soon!!

Clay Williams
Cumming, Ga.

Sent by: Don & Yvonne Cicero
Yvonne Cicero with her trophy bass for the St Johns RiverComments: (2012-04-24)
Subject: Thanks

Hey Eddie, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip fishing with you on the Saint Johns. My wife, being a beginner to bass fishing was really concerned about how she would be able to handle all three days of fishing, she felt that 6 hours on a boat each day would be too much. She brought books to read and music to listen to in hopes that it would pass the time when she got bored. Well she never even opened a book the entire trip. She never got bored once. She and I were both in good company and having a great time. The sights, sounds and serenity of the water were just what we needed. Catching bass was fun too. An occasional good fish was just icing on the cake.

Eddie you're a top-notch guy, don't change and keep in touch.

Sent by: Chuck and Chris Waldron of KY
Devin and Chris Waldron of KYApprovalApprovalApprovalApprovalApproval
Comments: (2012-03-08)
Subject: Trip to remember
Comment: Just a note to say thanks again for a trip to remember for me and especially my wife Chris. She will never forget catching that 8.8 lb'er and whoopin' me like an ugly stepchild. She enjoyed your help and expertise greatly. Always a pleasure spending time on the water with you. Just wish I could do it much more. Want to adopt me? lol.

Best of luck in all you do, thanks again,


Sent by: Devin Ranck
Comments: (2011-05-10)

Curtis with his Birthday BassI called Eddie on May 5th and booked a last minute trip for my sons birthday on the 7th. In the past we have always fished with Eddie on the St. Johns but, this time he suggested Lake Toho. After Catching 10 fish over 8 pounds (two over 10lb) on the river with Eddie in the past, I was a little hesitant to try somewhere new but, Eddie quickly put my mind at ease once we got to the lake. Shortly after setting the anchors around 06:30am, we begin catching some nice size schoolers and then at around 08:15, my 8yr old son set the hook on what seemed like just another fish. After he was fighting it for around a minute, the fish brought my son from the 11 o'clock position in the front of the boat all the way to the 7 o'clock in the rear and that's when Eddie and I looked at each other and decided we better at least start coaching and or at least cheering him on because my son was in for the fight of his life. This fish never really came to the surface and about three minutes later my son struggled to raised the rod next to the boat (now at the 3-o'clock position next to the drivers seat) and Eddie lipped the huge bass into the boat. The fish measured 28 3/4" x 22 1/8" and weighed 12lbs even on Eddie's certified boga grip scale. We caught and released a total of 11 bass in 4 hours. We will be getting a replica mount made of the 12 pounder accompanied by a 'Caught and Released' plaque and with his picture next to it to not only fully document the catch but to also document the recognition he deserves for his catch and release stewardship.
Devin and his two sons Curtis and MasonBesides always putting us on the really BIG fish, Eddie is very good with kids and provides them with great technical fishing instruction too. There was plenty of room in the boat for all of us and the equipment he provided us with was top of the line. This was our 3rd great trip with Eddie since March of last year and each time we take away so many incredible memories and pictures that will never be forgotten.  I have been fishing Florida's lakes and rivers for 20 years and have seen some big fish. This was our first time on Toho and the first time I have ever seen a fish that big in the boat with me. Watching my 8yr old son catch this monster 12lb Bass from start to finish, was the icing on the cake for me. 
Thanks again Eddie

Frank and his son TreySent by: Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr.
Comments: - (2010-11-03)

Captain Eddie:

I can’t thank you enough for a terrific trip. Trey and I had a great time. He has told everyone who will listen about his “fish story”. The story’s posed on the FinTalk and Reel Reports were great. His Teacher showed his whole class and last night at the Republican Victory celebration Trey was a bigger rock star than Marco Rubio. We both look forward to another trip with you.

I contacted Bill Burns and am having the replica made for his room.

Thanks again.


Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr.
Managing Member
Ioppolo Law Group, PLLC
Lake Mary, FL 32746


Stan LippianSent by: Stan Lippian
Comments: - (2010-05-30)

"I had the opportunity to fish with Eddie Brussard on Wednesday, May 26 and I can say that this was a really great fishing trip and one to remember for a long time. My brother and I had the opportunity to pick Eddie's brain on fishing in Florida because it is different from Ohio fishing. We both felt that he took us to some of his best spots and anytime one can say that the total weight of their 5 best fish was between 28 and 30 pounds, with a 9+ lb kicker fish is great. Plus yours truly lost a bigger fish than the 9 pounder.

The fishing equipment and tackle were excellent, Eddie does a masterful job on positioning the boat so that you can cast, pitch or flip to your target. I look forward to fishing with again, so that I can learn how to fish Florida weed beds and hydrilla.

Thanks again, Eddie"

Hopefully, I can return the favor sometime with some big Lake Erie

Stan Lippian
Dir. of MIS
Phone 330-867-8443 ext. 212

Damon and DerrickSent by: Damon Dettmering
Comments: - (2010-04-14)

I just wanted to thank you for taking Derrick and I out on Friday. You really came through in a big way. He hasn’t stopped talking about the quality of fishing ever since we got off the water. It was EXACTLY how I wanted the day to go, I couldn’t have asked for more.

When you charter a captain you obviously want to catch fish, but in my opinion, it is equally important to have a guide with a good personality and fun to spend the day fishing with. You fit the bill on both.

Thank you,

Damon C. Dettmering
Seminole Produce Dist.
407-322-7785 - Office

Devin RanckSent by: Devin Ranck
Comments: - (2010-03-23)

Being almost a native Floridian by having spent most of my life all over the state of Florida, I have fished Okeechobee, St. Johns, Stick Marsh, Suwannee, Orange, Talquin, Seminole, and dozens of other private Florida Lakes. I  have been fortunate to catch big Florida bass all my life but for one reason or another I had never caught a true ten pounder until my March 18 guide trip with Capt. Ed. Not only did I catch my fist 10lb fish but I ended up catching two of them along with eight other fish in the 8-9lb class. I was running from the back of the boat to the front of the boat landing fish as fast as I could for what seemed like a solid 4 hours. The remaining 2 hours and for lack of a better word, it ‘slowed’ down a bit to where I was landing fish about every 15 minutes. Neither Ed nor I have any clue as to how many total fish we caught that day but I am guessing the total was around 20-25. The fish we did weigh and photograph were as follows: 10.8 , 10.0, 9.12, 9.8, 9.8, 9.4 8.12, 8.8, 8.8 8.4 and I don’t think we caught anything less than 3 pounds all day.

Because my work takes me out of the country frequently, I don’t have time to take myself fishing these days and Ed’s Bass fishing business model fits my schedule well. We met at 7:00am and I was landing fish 15 minutes later. At the end of the day, I caught and released well over 100lbs of fish in 6 hours. I actually laughed myself to sleep that night because that many giant fish in one day just seemed silly to me. If I had not been on the business end of the rod and taken the proper photo documentation, I myself would have had trouble believing it was possible to catch that many big fish in 6hrs. I can’t’ begin to explain how thankful I am for Ed taking me on this historic trip. I always looked at those old photos of giant Florida bass stringers from the 60’s and 70’s and thinking “man I was born about 20yrs too late” but, after my day with Ed, I feel like a part of St. Johns bass fishing history. Needless to say I am already planning to book my next trip with Ed in May and this time I am going to bring my two boys along so they don’t have to wait as long as I did for a 10 pounder.

Equipment: rods, reels, line, and hooks are all top-notch and rigged for landing giant Bass.
Boat: Fast, clean, and rigged to fish comfortably.
Bait: Perfect size shiners. No small bait and not lazy slab shiners either. These shiners were beautiful and swimming strong all day.
Customer service: 5 Stars

Devin Ranck
Eustis FL

Shawn TaylorSent by: Shawn Taylor
Comments: - (2010-03-16)

WOW!!l Eddie you really know how to spoil your clients. Pat and I have been coming to Florida for many year. We’ve gathered some pretty good memories but this trip takes the cake. I’m am so grateful to have had a chance to experience such a perfect trip. You were the perfect host to a wonderful lake and river system. I will never forget reeling in all of those memories! Thanks so Much!!!

Shawn Taylor
Owner / Business Development
Aqua-Tech Services

Patrick SkilesSent by: Patrick Skiles
Comments: - (2010-03-16)

Wow, what an amazing trip! Just returned from a 2 ½ day trip wherein we caught 85 bass, with several over 8 and 2, 10 lbs. Clearly, this was the best shiner trip we have had since fishing the Toho drawdown. Eddie’s knowledge of the area, as well as his professionalism, promptness and personality (the 3 “P’s” that all fishing guides need) are second to none. Thanks Eddie, look forward to next year!

Patrick Skiles
Ramsey & Skiles
Attorneys at Law
Morgan City, Louisiana

Robert Moots and FamilySent by: Robert Moots
Comments: - (2010-03-30 )

I'm writing this, to let you know how much I appreciate the Generosity that you gave to me and my group. It was incredible! We work hard, and want to play hard. You made the entire Trip to FL worthwhile. Your kindness and ability to deal with us Yankees, was much Appreciated. You went well and above, what most Guide Services in FL have to offer. We will, and have, Highly recommended your Services to other Guests,Groups, and Friends.

We had to return North, but the Memories of that Great Trip, will be forever etched into our brains. I can't thank you enough for your Hospitality, and your Services. Did I say it was incredible? Those few days are still being talked about, now that's a Vacation! We're highly awaiting in Great Anticipation, on our next Trip with your Bass Challenger Services !


Robert Moots
Purchasing Manager
Weastec Inc.
1600 N.High St.
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Clay Williams, client of Bass Challenger Guide Service

Sent by: Clay Williams
Comments: - (2010-03-01)

I have fished with Ed a good many times over the past 9 years, and I've never had a bad trip. This past weekend was no exception. Saturday with cold water (49) and colder air (45) and rain, we fished for 4 hours and i caught 20 good bass, most in the 4-6 lb range, with a 91/2, an 81/2, and a 71/2 in the mix. Sunday the water was 46 when we started, the air about 39. High bluebird skies, and a northwest wind at 20 mph. I figured we'd be in trouble on this cold front, but while it was tough, I still caught 15 nice bass, in 8 hrs. with an 8 lb, and 7 lb fish in the mix. I had the fish of lifetime come unbuttoned at the boat. I tried to tire him a little to long instead of just bringing him to the boat! I've fished Texas with a few top guides for trophy bass and it is nowhere nearly as good as fishing the St. Johns River with Ed.

Thanks Ed, I'll see you again soon!
Clay Williams

Gary Clark and his catch of a life time. 13 lb trophy largemouth from the St Johns RiverSent by: Gary Clark
Comments: - (2010-02-24)

Dan Basore and I are closer than brothers and we have been fishing together for almost 40 years. Our annual February tradition is to hire Capt. Eddie for 3 days of shiner fishing for giant bass and while I don't remember a "bad" trip, they all keep getting better and better. This year's just concluded outing was simply unreal. Over three days, we put 50 bass in the boat that went like this: 3 over 8 pounds, 2 at 9 pounds each, and the monster of a lifetime at 13 pounds on the nose! She was less than 28" long, but was almost 2 feet around in girth. I just kept muttering, "What a fish! What a fish!" as I watched her swim away to spawn more just like her. The replica mount is already on order! Our five largest weighed 48 pounds, obviously very close to the ten pound average that all bass fishermen lust after. Dan and I simply lost count of the ones that weighed 4 to 6 pounds, and we kept saying, "Capt. Eddie you are spoiled!" We have both had the good fortune to fish around the globe and to fish with some of the best guides in those various locations. No one---that's no one---surpasses Capt. Eddie's talent and passion for putting clients on monster Florida bass. Just like the Tina Turner song---he's "Simply the Best!" If you too want to catch the bass of a lifetime (or have your kids experience this sport we all love so much), be sure to give him a call. Just don't interfere with the dates that Dan and I will be back in the boat with him next year!

Bass wishes, Gary Clark

Megan Flohrs and her fatherSent by: Megan Flohrs
Comments: - (2009-12-19)

Eddie -
I want to thank you for the amazing experience my dad and I had while out fishing with you. Neither of us ever expected to have an opportunity like this to catch Florida bass. You have no idea how long I've waited to catch a prize fish to be able to hang on the wall and with you I was able to do so. We are working on getting a replica of my 10.8 monster. Thanks again for the great 2 days of fishing and showing us what Florida fishing is really about! Hope to see you again some day and catch my bass' older brother!

Megan Flohrs
Saint James, Minnesota

Mike DusekSent by: Mike Dusek
Comments: - (2009-10-12)

Just arrived back home in Texas after catching my biggest bass ever. Eddie is an excellent guide that knows every hot spot on his lake and river. After 3 days of Mickey Mouse and riding the Tea Cups at Disney World it sure was nice to get away and catch one of these giant Florida bass I have read about all my life and Eddie is the man to see. Thanks again Eddie and I am now looking forward to my next trip to Disney World.

Mike Dusek
Springtown ,Texas ( HOOK EM HORNS )

Ed MakovecSent by: Ed Makovec

Comments: - (2009-03-14 )

Thanks for a great day on the water, I'm still reeling from the entire experience. Brian and I have hired several fishing guides in the Central Florida area over the past years and by far the trip with you was the most professional and productive. Your concern, energies and experience directed to our success was evident the entire day. As veteran bass fishermen we asked to be put on big fish. Not only did you put us on "BIG FISH" but you put us on "BIG FISH ALL DAY ".

Thanks again and we will be back.

Sent by: Brian Jeffreys
Comments: - (2009-03-13 )

Hey Eddie,

I just wanted to let you know how much Ed and I enjoyed our trip with you last Monday (3-09-09). You were at once professional and personable and really worked hard to put us on big fish. And you succeeded. Catching 5lb.+ fish after fish after fish in such a short time was quite a thrill for me. Those big Florida Bass pull so hard! And Ed fulfilled his lifelong ambition to catch his ten pounder, I know you can appreciate what that means to him, Eddie.

Ed and I have fished the St. Johns and its associated lakes for over 10 years. We've been on quite a few guided trips, and we agreed yours was the best so far. We look forward to spending more time on the water with you soon.

Thanks again.
Brian Jeffreys
Hillsborough, NC

Sent by: Scott Hootman
Comments: - (2008-10-14 )
Five or six years ago shortly after I had started fishing in Florida for the first time I had the extreme good fortune of finding Ed Bussards web page and arranging a trip with my buddy on short notice.

I have fished a long time in many parts of the country with too many guides to count, and I will tell you in that one day I knew that I had finally found someone who was a true professional in their trade. In my opinion no one works harder to put you on fish than Eddie. There is no one regardless of your skill level that can teach you more than Eddie, and there is no one I’d rather spend time in a boat with.

I am unfortunately involved in the securities business as a profession so I do not get a lot of time off and like to maximize the time I do get. As we all know fishing can be good and bad, I have caught big fish, and big numbers with him, and I have had a few slow days, but if you are looking for a pro that knows what he is doing and focuses 100% on putting you in the best position to be successful I would strong suggest you call Ed.

Sent by: Chip Bennett
Comments: - (2007-08-12 )
While I can't always get it done, I try to travel to fish with Eddie as often as I can. Seems like the year isn't complete unless I get down there to catch some fish. This trip was great as usual. I asked Eddie to target flipping fish. We fished some absolutely beautiful parts of the St. Johns and wrestled in several nice fish including a beautiful, certified 10 pounder under tough fishing conditions. Eddie also seemed to know when the hot Florida weather was getting to me and he'd take me out into the river proper and we'd throw to schooling bass to cool off a little bit. As usual Eddie taught me a lot and this time was no exception. I left Eddie after this trip knowing much more about flipping in heavy cover.

What a great trip! Thanks Eddie!

Chip Bennett
Executive Vice President
Partner, FC Partners Group, LLC

Sent by:Kate Zbinden
Mr. ZbindenComments: - (2007-01-26 )
Dear Eddie,

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I loved the trip. Doug was great. Had us on the water before the Sun was fully up. Had us reeling them in at the first stop. Caught fish all morning... (caught some lillypads and weeds too....) Fish ranged from 2-7 pounds... Would, and will, recommend your guide service without hesitation. (below see my Hubby with a 22" 7lb Large Mouth) He is still smiling and telling anyone who will listen his "fish stories". Thank you again.

Sent by: Chip Bennett
Comments: - (2004-12-12 )
I just had to write about my son Ryan’s and my trip to Florida for our 3 day fishing trip with Eddie. It started out as a typical fishing trip with Eddie. We fished the St. John’s River and caught some nice bass with Carolina rigs, shiners, and flukes. The second day we decided to fish a lake south of the river and so we met early to drive to the lake. Eddie was in front of us pulling his rig and Ryan and I were in a rental car following him. On the way to the lake, an early morning, dozing driver ran a red light and slammed into Eddie's boat. It was a violent collision and totale d Eddie's boat. Thank the Good Lord that none of us were hurt. I wanted to post this comment because it will tell you a lot about Eddie. Most guides would have just said to Ryan and me that’s too bad – I can’t take care of you now, I have problems of my own. Not Eddie. Eddie immediately worked within his contacts to make sure that we had a guide to take us fishing for the rest of our trip as he dealt with the excruciating process of dealing with the accident. So while we didn’t get to fish the whole trip with Eddie, we did still get to fish – all because Eddie takes care of his clients. You’re a good man Eddie. Thank you for saving our trip.

Chip Bennett
Senior Vice President
Chicago Board of Trade

Sent by: Kevin Heard
Comments: - (2003-12-22)
I am a co-sponsor with the National Teen Anglers in Polk County. I have never fished with Ed, but I feel like I have. Our Teens have tournaments around the State of Florida yearly and being they are students, they usually have no time to pre-fish, they just get to fish on tournament day. Ed has helped these kids out beyond belief. He offers up advise and direction that no other guides have been willing to do. If you have kids and want to fish with a "kid person", Ed is the guide you want. He has a great heart and love for kids beyond just being a guide. We just fished Okeechobee two weeks ago and with Ed's advise the kids took all five top places in the tournament. Ed, we thank you very much. Fish with Ed and bring your kids, you want regret it.

Sent by: Keiju&Yuka
Comments: - (2003-11-10)
Hello,Eddie!How are you?About one year has passed since we went to fishing with you. Thank you for memories of very exciting and fun fishing.It was greatest fishing in our life.We want to go to Orland again.Please go fishing together.

Post by: mike rutherford
Comments: - (2003-11-06)
I would just like to say thanks to Eddie. My dad and I went on a shiner trip on lake toho 3 weeks ago. we had about 23 fish all over 3lbs. the biggest was 8.5 lbs. about 8 of the 23 were over 6. Me and my dad had a great time and will be returning for a 3rd trip with Eddie. If you have any doubt in his abilities take it from us that he knows what hes doing.

Sent by: Roger Whittle
Comments: - (2003-09-02)
Looking forward to using you next time we are out.

Sent by: Wallis
Comments: - (2003-07-27)
Took an extended “Whole family Central Florida Trip” on 21 Jun…wife, 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 4 grandchildren, 2 cars 1 truck and 1 boat. Taking them all was the only way I could get to do any fishing! Rented a 5 bedroom villa (house) in Kissimmee. I first considered driving to the Stick Marsh every day but decided that would be too much road time. Decided to try Toho for the first time. So…I Ed for a full day guide. Turned out to be the best money I spent on the entire trip! On Sunday, 22 Jun, Ed took out myself and number one grandson (Zach – age 15). Because I’m far too old to throw a spinner bait all day, we were going to stick to shiner fishing with a little top water and/or worm tossin’ in between. Ed put us on the fish. Zach had a nice bass over 9 pounds and several smaller 4 to 6 pounders. I more or less watched. Weather ran us off the water about 1:30. Ed has pictures posted on his web site. The rest of this attests to his ability to put us on fish…for the rest of the week!!!! 23 Jun. Time to take my boat out. But… Dang nab outboard would not start. Turned out switch that says “I’m in neutral…I’ll start”. 24 Jun. Took Kevin (son-in-law) out to “Ed’s spot”. Hot day. Some wind but not bad. No big numbers but some real nice fish. One 9.5 pounder and several 6 and 7 pounds. Guess we had about 25 total for the day. I did pick up a 6 pounder and couple of 4 pounders on Pop-R from breaking schools that came up close enough to the boat to cast to. 25 Jun. Took Chip (son-in-law)…right back to Ed’s place! Big numbers without any real big fish. At least 40 fish up to 6.5 pounds, with most over 4 pounds. Like to wore him out! Everyone in camp wanting to know where we were finding the fish! Boats running all over the place but no one other than Ed fishing the area. 26 Jun. Stayed in bed late and had the pleasure of going shopping with the wife. Did not get on the water until 3 PM. Took daughter and two grandsons (William – age 12, and Mitchell – age 11). I was stuck doing all the “hooking and casting” (felt like a guide with a bunch of snow-birds). On the first shiner in the water, Mitchell got a pull. Doing what I told him, he reeled in the slack and set the hook like a pro. Round and round he went. Tangled with all the other lines but (somehow) managed to avoid the anchor ropes. I did not realize he had something large….just thought he was having “first bass” fun. Daughter and other grandson jumping up and down hollering and Mitchell saying “I can’t hold him”. When he came up beside the boat I nearly passed out. After netting it turned out to be 12.17 pounds. 27 inches long with 20 inch girth. Head like a basketball. William did not catch anything that big but he did have 4 or 5 nice bass. 27 Jun – last day. Took Kevin back. Was strange day. Hot-Hot. About 9 the weather just went dead. No wind, nothing moving. Just cooking. I think we caught 8 bass, with only 1 a borderline 5 pounds. The rest smaller. Was a fantastic trip. All credit to the guide - Ed Bussard. Because it's his area, I'll not reveal where we were fishing, even if I could. We got all our shiners and kept the boat stalled at Richardson Camp. All first class people. I got good pictures of all fish which I will forward on request (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). None of the trophy size fish were gut hooked and ALL were released alive!!!

Sent by: Jeff
Comments: - (2003-07-07)
I forgot to say that the catch and release of all those big bass was definitely something new and it was really nice feeling to put them back to be caught again. Before this, I couldn't imagine releasing two seven pounders, in one day especially! But knowing there are bigger ones to catch in the winter, hopefully a mounter. Can't say thanks enough also for sacrificing some of your vacation time to take this trip.

Jeff A.

Sent by: Chip Bennett
Comments: - (2002-02-12 )
I’ve fished with Eddie many times and always have a great time and catch good fish. Eddie knows area waters like the back of his hand including Toho and the St. John’s River. Scott Hootman and I had a great trip and caught solid bass anchored by a 7.5 lb bucketmouth on the St. John’s River - beautiful fish that hit a fast running rattletrap. Schooling bass were really active and we had a ball throwing flukes and surface lures to the boiling water. Great time Eddie!

Chip Bennett
Senior Vice President
Chicago Board of Trade

Sent by: Chip Bennett
Comments: - (2000-12-30 )
I wanted to take my son Ryan bass fishing in Florida and so I naturally set up a fishing date with Eddie. The weather was cold – it was in December - but we were sure Eddie would find the bass for us. And he did. Ryan sat in the boat and practically wore out Eddie (and the bass!) as he caught bass after bass with shiners. This was the first time that Ryan had fished with shiners and the first time he had fished with Eddie. Eddie does a great job helping all people catch fish and does a great job with kids. I would recommend him for veteran and rookie fishermen alike.

Chip Bennett
Senior Vice President